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Why Choose Rubber Decker?

Safe – Poured in place epdm rubber is soft, absorbs shocks and cushions falls. Anti-slip too.

Versatile – Suitable for all surfaces, floors to stairs to decks, exterior and interior, curvy or angled.

Durable – Poured rubber is flexible so it is resistant to cold, heat and temperature deviations; it retains its shape and  its color.

Appearance – Poured rubber comes in 11 colors, and you can incorporate patterns! Comfort and noise reduction

Hygienic – The rubber surface is antibacterial and cleans easily.

Use it for…

Playgrounds, daycares, kindergardens, schools, home gyms, porches, walkways and Driveways

Around the pool: use a light color to prevent hot surface under the sun, and see the surface dry quickly (chlorine and bleach resistant)

Forms, logos, curves… Have fun with unlimited design possibilities.

Stairs: Slip resistant and stylish