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What we do best

Money Well Spent

Our rubber sealing protects against spills and wear and tear, enhances appearance, and extends the lifespan of your floor.

Our power washing removes dirt, stains, and identifies potential issues before they become major problems.
Trust us to help you keep your rubber surface looking great and lasting longer with our expert after care services.

Ready to transform your space with
Rubber Decker?

how we do it

The Installation Process

Getting Ready

We start by inspecting, cleaning, and fixing any surface imperfections. It's like prepping a canvas for a painting - ensuring a smooth base for the transformation.


Enter the rubber granules! Mixed with a special binding agent, we apply this mixture evenly across the prepared surface. Think of it like spreading a durable layer that's both protective and comfortable.

Smoothing It Out

Using tools designed for precision, we ensure the surface is level and uniform. Imagine evening out a flooring surface, ensuring it's comfortable and safe for everyday use.

Strengthening the Base

Through a compaction process, we reinforce the surface, making it sturdy and resilient. It's akin to adding a layer of durability that's tough yet flexible.

Allowing Set Time

After application, the surface needs time to set and solidify. This step ensures that the surface achieves its optimal properties for lasting performance.

Final Inspection

Once everything is set, we inspect the surface for any imperfections.Our goal is a flawless finish that's both durable and visually appealing.
Quality & expertise

Elevating Safety Standards


It’s the safety hero of pool decks and patios, offering a slip-resistant, cushioned comfort that stays cool under the sun. Imagine a surface that defies slips while pampering your feet with cloud-like comfort. It’s safety with a touch of elegance, transforming your outdoor space into a chic, worry-free oasis. That’s the power of rubber surfacing – where safety seamlessly blends with style.

Ready to transform your space with Rubber Decker?

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