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With over 20 years combined experience in the surfacing industry, and over 100+ projects. Rubber Decker SP has specific knowledge on how to make stunning surfacing projects last forever.RubberDecker SP is a soft yet very durable rubber urethane mix that reduces an impact from a fall. Rubber Decker is also a Bauemler Approved Company

Rubber surfacing is suitable for many aesthetic purposes but one that is most practical and functional is its ability to level uneven surfaces. Gaps, expansion joints, heaved, broken, rough or un-level surfaces can be concealed under a perfectly flat safety surface. Whether it be concrete, asphalt, interlock or any other solid substrate.

EPDM is one of the most versatile polymers on the market, it stands up to intense heat and freezing cold with no problem making it especially beneficial in hot/cold climates that are susceptible to freeze-thaw cycles. Because the product stays flexible throughout its life span it expands and contracts up to 40% with the sub-surface in the case that shifting or cracking may occur.

Rubber Decker is made of EPDM. Because of its natural quality of absorbing heat and cold and insulating it does not conduct heat. Our polyurethanes are the same additives in airplane paint. Both components manage drastic short term temperature changes from -40 to 100 degrees. This makes the product much cooler than other flooring in the summer months keeping your feet burn free!

Rubbder Decker EPDM is made of a close cell polymer that cannot accept the growth of bacteria inside of it, therefore bacteria and fungi cannot damage deteriorate or live in this product.This is combined with our anti-microbial polyurethane so that you can guarantee a bacteria free environment. Our hydrophobic finish coat ensures that water and bacteria living in water move through the granules freely. Making sure that bacteria, dirt and debris make their way to the drain and do not sit on the deck.

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